Can Chinese Style Parenting Help Us with Our ADHD kids?

Amy Chua’s opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal is causing quite a stir this week, and why wouldn’t it? It’s entitled, “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior.” Before we get too worked up, it’s good to know that she is coming out with a book this week. There’s nothing like controversry to stir up sales.

But let’s face it. We’ve all wondered why Asian kids seem to get straight A’s. My cousins in California always complained about how hard it was to get good grades when over half of the students were Asian. Chua’s article explains why their culture produces so many whiz kids.

Get read to be shocked. Because their views are directly opposed to many of the Western values we hold dear: independence, choice, play, and self-esteem.

I have always understood that while it’s o.k. to push myself, I am not supposed to push my kids too hard. I should wait for my child to discover what he loves and then cheer him on while he pursues his passion. If he’s not driven, then he just needs more time to figure out what really makes him happy. Chua seems to scoff at this idea.


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