Why Do We Women Feel Guilty For Hiring Help?

Why do we women feel guilty for hiring help? I know that I have struggled with this for years, despite the fact that I have always needed it. I have five challenging children (two with ADHD), and each of them needs individual attention.

Perhaps one of my issues is that my mother never hired help. If she could do it, why can’t I? What I always seem to forget was that she had me clean the house. I’ve tried getting my kids to help, and while they are learning to work, it’s just as much work to get them to help as it is to do it myself.

It’s funny that we feel guilty. There’s something about not cleaning up after our own mess–something awkward about having people clean our toliets, wash our dirty laundry.

Ironically, men never seem to feel this way. When is the last time you heard your husband say, “Today I cleaned our office toliets because it’s elitest to expect someone else to do it” or “Sorry, I’m late honey. I had to vacuum my cubicle before I left.”

And one thing we all know for sure, they certainly never seem to feel guily when we clean up after them.


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