ADHD and Getting Help, Cleaning Help

ADHD and getting help, cleaning help.

I have two lovely ladies that come to my house every week.  They are my angels.  Really, they are.  They are sweet, smiling, and dear to my children.  And they clean my house.  

The only problem is they just clean.  They don’t pick up, put away, hang up, throw out, toss in the hamper, sort through, mail out, or organize any of my stuff.  I’m supposed to do that before they can so they can just whiz through my house and clean. 

Of course, I put all that off until just a few minutes before they get to my house.   Then I race through my house just barely staying ahead of them. Barely.  They start with the boys’ rooms and I start whipping through Dina’s room and the office.  Many papers, I’m sure some very  important ones, are thrown in the trash. 

I race to my bedroom.  Dirty clothes, curlers, make-up, toothbrushes, and baby toys are shoved in their place.  I know.  I know.  I should put away things as I use them.  That is brilliant.  The problem is that I never remember to do that.  Ever. 

I race downstairs and start picking up toys in the play area, putting away scriptures in the quiet area, (like it’s ever quiet) and then rush to the kitchen.  Ugh.  The kitchen.    Homework, dirty plates, bills, computer bags, and cellphones sponstaneously grow on my kitchen counter.  Seriously.   I whip through that stuff so fast.  I never break more than one glass.   Sometimes the boys find that their homework has become intimately involved with some moldy chicken in the kitchen trash but that can’t be helped.  You can’t control love.   

Two hours later, heart racing, I have successfuly put away everything in my house.    It’s kind of an adrenaline rush.  I know.  I know. ADHD folks are addicted to rushes, but better a cleaning rush than an eating binge or spending spree (not that I would know what those are).

The thing is, putting away things can get downright depressing and sometimes it’s nice to have a deadline  to get you going.    At some point, I think to myself,  “This isn’t fun, and I’m really tired, and I want a cupcake,”  but then I hear the vacuum approaching, and I just have to suck it up and get through it.  There’s this amazing feeling to have the house totally clean.  All of it.  At the same time.  It kind of doesn’t happen because we usually mess some areas up before the ladies leave, but we get pretty close. 

Thank you angels.  Patient angels.    For putting up with me.


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