Paying the Bills with ADHD

ADHD and paying bills do not mix.  I repeat:  ADHD and paying bills do not mix! 

Do you have a paper gathering area in your house?   I do.  I have two sets of lovely wooden six shelf holders, but you wouldn’t know  it,  because there is so much paper and garbage shoved in them.  I can go weeks without noticing and then one day, like today, it drives me CRAZY!

These are my filing shelves on a good day

So I grabbed all the papers and rushed upstairs to our office deterimined to go through all the papers in five minutes.   It’s amazing how quickly I can dispose of things, and also, how quickly I can lose things.   Could there be a correlation here?    

And why do things have to be so complicated anyway?  Why does a letter require so much TLC?  Seriously, I have to find an envelope, a stamp, a return address label, the address, a piece a paper to write my note on, a pen, and sometimes a check.  That is like seven things!  I know.  I know.  I should keep them all in the same place.  Tried that.  Nothin’ stays there. 

I am really angry at my Health SA card right now because I can’t find it.   I’m ticked because I lost my first one, and I  just got my new one in the mail yesterday.  I had like a zillion medical bills today and couldn’t pay a single one.  I looked everywhere for it.  In my drawers.  In my pretty wooden shelves downstairs.  In my wallet.  In my van.  In my diaper bag.  I can’t stand to tell my husband I lost it again and need to borrow his.  I’m going to have to sneak it from his wallet. 

I also had to call Wells Fargo because I lost the two $100 checks they sent me.  (Rapid Rewards).  It turns out that getting them to resend checks is kind of a tricky process.  It requires the signing of an affadavit.  I had the gumption to ask the lady on the phone if this time, instead of sending me two checks, they could just deposit the money in my account.  She curtly told me no. 

Finally, I had to resend the Christmas cards that came back to us.  Wrong address cards.  I admit, I threw a bunch of them out.  If you get a card from me this week with a badly folded letter, a smashed picture, and illegible handwriting, be grateful that you got one.   And know that I love you.  You didn’t go in the trash.


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