ADHD, Losing Things, and Prayer

ADHD and Losing Things

I hate losing things.  I lose things all the time, and I’m glad that I can at least finally blame it on my ADHD.   

The hardest thing I ever do is load my kids in the car to go shopping because there are so many things I have to gather, and they are things I frequently lose:  Cellphone, wallet, diaper bag, receipts, grocery lists, kids.  This is what drives me crazy–I have everything gathered, but say, my phone.  I look and look and finally find it only to discover that I’ve left my wallet somewhere, the wallet that I just had with me.

But today I had two little miracles that I had to share.  I already had the kids in the car, ready to go, but I was super frustrated because I couldn’t find my two Gymbucks certificates.  Each of them would save me a bundle of money shopping at Gymboree. 

I had already given up on finding one of them (it was lost in the cleaning spree yesterday), but I had just had the other one in my hand.  Like two minutes ago.  And I couldn’t find it.  I raced upstairs, and I was feeling stressed because the kids were in the car, and I couldnt’ find it anywhere.  So I said a prayer.  I just closed my eyes and asked God if he could help me find it really quickly.  I opened my eyes and looked towards my bookcase.  There stuffed in the books was the receipt I had lost yesterday.  Wow!  A miracle. 

I went into my office and then said another prayer and looked in my file, and there stood the certificate that I had misplaced five minutes ago.  What a dumb place to put it!  But now I had both certificates when I had first only hoped to find one.   When I got to the store, I realized that the one I wasn’t even looking for was four times more valuable than the one I had just barely misplaced.

So in a way, it was a blessing that had such slippery fingers today.  I think God knew how much I needed that prayer answered today.  Perhaps he heard my heart racing, saw the flood in my brain, and felt my stress.    With all the overwhelming world problems He’s got to deal with, He took the time to help me. 

If there’s one good thing about ADHD, it’s made me pray a lot.  I always need help.  I pray all the time for help to find things, and I’ve seen so many miracles.  I guess He’s more patient with me than I am with myself.


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