Calming Down with Baby

Calming Down with Baby

Today my dear little Olivia had surgery on her ears.  I was really nervous.  She’s my only girl you know.  I had to have four
boys first to get her.   She was done by 9:00 a.m., and she was so cranky.   Today, instead of flitting about trying to get everything else done, I just held her.  A lot.  I have such an ugly rocking chair in her nursery.   It’s so old and stained, but it rocks so beautifully, that I can’t bear to let it go.  We spent a lot of time in that chair today. Rocking.  And rolling. 

Olivia after her surgery

Baby Olivia  on a Good Day

I chilled with Liam too.  While Olivia slept, I tried get that little stinker to go down for a nap so that I could nap.  Total sleep last night:  Three hours.   Insomnia stinks.   But Ricky thinks he’s so above naps now that he’s three.  I read to him from our old moldy book of nursery rhymes.  Yes, it’s moldy, and no, I won’t throw it out. 

That boy is obsessed with letters.  You get a page with big block letters on it, and you can be stuck there forever.  The boy think’s he’s some kind of king because he purposely started misnaming letters, and he expected me to go along with it. 

“‘O,'”  he’d say as he pointed at a “W.”  

“No silly, that’s a ‘W.'”

But he wouldn’t relent.  In this house, he issues an edict and changes the letters.  We obey.  

I called the “W” an “O” and then started misnaming letters of my own which just got him rolling.  Really.  He thought it was so funny.  I then started tickling him everytime he misnamed a letter. 

We never did fall asleep. 


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