Too Tired for Happiness

I don’t know why but I had a hard time pulling it together for church today. I was so tired. And I was so sad. Professor really pushed us out the door and into the van. I don’t know if I could have ever done it on my own. I tried so hard not to cry during the meeting, and I had no idea why I was feeling so blue. Perhaps I’m not getting enough sunshine. Maybe I have too much brown furniture in my family room–I think that’s it actually. (Smile).

But I remind myself that the joy comes in moments that I have to see and remember.


When little Neil (3) got out the hymn book during church and started to sing. So I started singing too.

When my mother, sister, and a friend came over for dinner. My mom brought an AMAZING applecake. 

When Neil did a headstand on our leather chair and straddled his legs during family study time (and I’ve been trying to work up to that in yoga for the last six months).

When I took over our leftover dinner to a sick friend.

I hate hearing the phrase, “Look outside of yourself,” but I have to admit, it kind of works.


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