Toilet Training with ADHD

The Double Whammy:  Toilet Training and ADHD

Toilet Training is a very difficult thing to do when you are dealing with ADHD.  My toddler doesn’t have ADHD though.  I do.  So things like remembering to put him on the toilet, having the patience to sit with him for long periods of time, or just generally knowing his whereabouts in the house–I’m not so good at that.   

My boy is 3 years and four months now.  He is wickedly smart.  He will probably be the first boy who learns to read while being potty-trained and yet, still not be potty-trained. 

For purposes of privacy, I decided not to give you a picture of Neil on the toilet

I will share a potty training method that worked wonderfully for a no nonsense wonderful mother of seven children.  So she knows what she’s doing.   This is what they did.  The dad was in charge of the potty training marathon weekend.  He would sit down with the child in the bathroom and read and read and wait and wait.  After two days of this, the child had a general notion of what was going on.

After the two days, the mom took over.  Everytime the child had an accident, she would get really excited and say, “O boy!  We get to practice.”   After changing the child, she would run the child back and forth from the scene of the accident to the toilet ten times.  She would also help the child get on the toilet.  She would yell things like, “Practice, oh how fun.  This is great!”  The child loved it at first but by the ninth or tenth time to the toilet, the child was whimpering.   She says that within a week of “practicing,”  the child was fully potty trained.   I think I just need to be disciplined enough to do this.  I’ve started this method, but not really followed through.  Usually I’m the one that’s crying by the ninth or tenth time to the toilet.  See how I finally followed through with the method. 


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