Homemade Bread

When I tell people I make homemade bread, they don’t believe me.  They really don’t believe that homemade bread makes my life easier. 
The trick?  The day I make homemade bread is that night’s dinner.
We slice a feww apples and some cheese, and of course we get out the jam. 
It takes less time to make than a regular meal does, and then we have the bread to munch on the rest of the week.
The kids eat bread for a snack after school.  It’s as good as a brownie and much healthier.
The kids have it for dinner again while the Professor and I go out for date night.
We have bread and milk for lunch on Saturday.
Sometimes I’ll make a few sack lunches on the days I remember.
It really is our staple.

The dough should pull away from the sides as it's doing here

The best part is that even my fussiest eater LOVES it.  He never eats anything.  But watch him tackle this man’s size hunk of bread.

Our professional taste tester

He seems to like it. 

Neil Gives the Bread a Thumb's Up

And could you please brush your teeth after you are done?



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