Chicken Soup-The Best Ever

I accidently made the best chicken soup I’ve ever made, and I used canned chicken!  I’m not kidding. If you just want the recipe, skip to the bottom, but then you will miss this amazing story.  

 I’m made fancy chicken soup before–the old Martha Stewart recipe with the whole chicken and parsnips and fresh herbs wrapped in cheesecloth.  This soup was better.  I’m not kidding and I used canned chicken!!

See, My cleaning ladies came to clean my house, and I had to hurry and get things picked up. I hate to admit I use cleaning ladies becuase you might think that

  1. I am rich (not so)
  2. I’m elitist (really not so)
  3. I’m a slob (well, that’s actually kind of true).

The thing about the cleaning though is they are just there to clean, not to pick up your mess.  So I’m always racing around just one room ahead of them stuffing, tossing, throwing out whatever I can before they come through.  I dread the sound of the vacuum approaching.

But this time, I got done early.  Really early, and then I thought, “Why not cook right now? They’ll be able to clean up after me.”   So I started making bread–and while that was going, I thought I had time to make some chicken soup for my sick friend. 

I didn’t actually have time.  Just after I got started, they descended upon me.  My cleaning ladies are very polite, but I can tell that it might irk them just a little that I’m always in their way.  So I was racing and chopping and frying and throwing, and finally they were closing in on me.  So I had to get out. 

When I came downstairs an hour later (when they were done), I realized that in my hurry, I had left my stove on!  I thought for sure that my halfway made chicken soup was ruined.  I opened it to find my carrots and onions bubbling away in there, but the oil had kept them from burning.  It smelled delicious.

I think I accidently carmelized my onions.  I’m not sure what carmelize means, except that by the time you’re through, your onion tastes more like a caramel than an onion.  The onion was so sweet and soft.   Later that afternoon, I added the rest of the ingredients, and finished it up.  So here’s the recipe. 

Chicken Soup Recipe

One onion chopped 

2 cups of sliced carrots

 6 cups of water

 6 tsp. Better than Boullion (because it is better than Boullion)

 Few TBS. of dried celery (or 1 cup. fresh)

1 cup of country style noodles (or to taste)

 One can of White Chicken Breast (12 oz.)

Salt and Pepper to Taste

1 tsp. dried thyme.

Olive oil

I admit, I didn’t actually measure these ingredients, but they’re about right.   Fry onion in 2 TBS of olive oil.  Fry on med-high for 10 minutes and then turn down to low for 40 minutes.  Check and stir regularly (not that I did or anything, but it’s probably a good idea).

Add water and Better than Bullion and bring to a boil.  Add noodles, celery, and carrots.  Simmer for 20 minutes.  Add canned chicken (drained) and thyme.  Stir for a few minutes.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Yum.  Yum.  Yum.


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