Did Daddy Dress You Today?

Today Caroline wore her cutest shirt and cutest overalls.  They’re just not that cute together. 

Who Dressed You Today?

Caroline is my busy, busy girl, and she’s clingy, clingy too.  It’s sweet that she prefers me over everyone else.    Whenever I hand her over to someone, she arches her back and starts squawking.  She’s so happy just being held in my arms while I’m trying to clean the kitchen, make dinner, do laundry, and now you know why I’m so tired.

One of my other sons (who I won’t mention) was so hyper today.  He kept bouncing on the couch and tossing the pillows around when we did our reading together.  I yelled at him at the table because he backed right into me with his chair when he wasn’t looking.  I better go kiss him good night.  Sign off.


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