Organizing a Preschool Drawer

Organizing a Preschool Drawer

Sometimes my poor little Neil (age 3) gets lost in our house.  He’s quite a stealthly little twerp and often sneaks into our office to play computer games.  Sometimes I don’t see him for days.  I’ve become a little uncomfortable with the situation and organized a preschool drawer for him in our kitchen.  Here are some of the things we put in it:

If you don’t have an available drawer, a file box will do and can be bought at office supply stores for a few dollars. 

I had some old filing folders that I labelled and used to organize his favorite things.   Neil helped me type the letters on the labeller, print them, and attach them to the folders.  Its helps him take some ownership (and responsiblity) for the drawer. 

Finally, we have our finished product.  Now when I’m cleaning the kitchen or doing laundry, I can pull something out of the drawer for him to do at our kitchen table.

I feel good knowing where Neil is, at least for now.  I get this nervous feeling that he’s going to join the CIA someday and be left out in Siberia.  He’ll be ok with that, but I won’t.    

Tomorrow’s entry:  Why every woman needs a labeller and where to buy one.


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