Five Kids and a Sudoku Puzzle

I love what I do, but I am so tired.  I dream of a vacation where there is lots of sun.  And no kids.  My husband and I sit out by a pool, and I solve a sudoku puzzle.  But that could never happen because I do not have a decent swimsuit.   My body shape has changed 88 times since I had my first child, and it is very hard to time the purchase of the swimming suit correctly.

The five reasons we are not going on vacation

It is also very hard to find someone willing and able to watch five kids for a week while I do silly sudoku puzzles and get some vitamin D.  I made that sad conclusion tonight after I made dinner, changed two messy diapers, bathed Caroline and Neil, practiced piano with Jacob, and finally sat down with Sam to read. 

So I decided to make the best of it.  I got out a sudoku puzzle.  And this is how talented I am.  Really, I read every other paragraph of the Magic Treehouse book (Ninja episode) and solved a sudoku puzzle at the same time.   Sam, the one that jumps around, and throws pillows and does head stands on the couch as he reads, became remarkably responsbile.

“Mom,  it’s your turn to read.  Mom.  Mom.  It’s your turn right here, where is says, ‘The Ninjas jumped–‘”  And so I would read and then dive back into Sudoku for two seconds before it was my turn to read again.

I think that it would have been faster to do the reading and then do the sudoku puzzle, but let’s not get too picky.  I got both done. 

Is there a future career as a sudoku puzzle solver?  Could I just sit in a chair and not get up to rotate laundry or break up a fight, and the only problem I would have to solve at the moment is where to put the next nine?  The eight is not asking me to find him some clean underwear and the four is perfectly quiet.  The six does not need his teeth brushed and the two does not complain that he is hungry.  And when I put them in their squares, they do not get up and wander off to play in the toilet.   Yes,  I would be very good professional sudoku puzzle player.  Very good indeed.


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