The Girl with the Strange Addiction

I admit it.  I’m an addict.  Aren’t all ADHD people addicts?   My addiction of choice is sugar, but since I’ve been off of it for three days now, I had to find something to replace it. 

And I did.  Memory.  You know, the matching card game for ages 3 and up?  We have a memory game with children’s faces from all over the world.   I love hearing Neil say SOWF OFF-REEK-AH and TAHN-ZAHN-EE-AH.  But I mostly love spanking Neil in Memory.   I am so way better than him.

I get obsessed with memorizing acronyms and making up stories to remember them, and I just spin circles around the boy.  He doesn’t stand a chance against me. 

And I get so MAD when the phone rings or I had to get out a load of laundry because it messes everything UP!   

Think Neil Think!

Caroline was grouchy so I changed the scenery by taking her to the basement.  We brought the cards with us.  I got them all laid out and was so ready to play when Caroline started bawling.  I got out the race track  to distract her, but it distracted Neil too.   

 But it was o.k.  I could play myself in Memory.  Actually, it was perfect.  I wouldn’t have to wait any more for Neil to point at fifteen cards before he finally picked one up.  I couldn’t believe how efficiently I could play without him–I already found two matches–when Caroline plowed right through my cards.  I spanked her too.  Literally.  She was astonished.  So was I.  Am I going to have to go off of Memory now too?   

A reenactment of Caroline plowing through the cards


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