Kitchen sinks, pianos, and armoires.

Yesterday, I did not want to face my house.  I don’t know what happened to it.  I know it was clean but every room I walked into was a nasty surprise.    Here’s my kitchen sink. 

I can’t believe I’m actually showing you this.  Really, it’s awful.  You’ll probably never come back.  Pretty pictures tomorrow, I promise.  It’s amazing how much messiness can affect your mood. 

We also moved around a lot of furniture today.  We (meaning my husband and a hired guy)  moved the entertainment center from Wall 1 to Wall 2, and then from Wall 2 to Wall 3.  Finally, we moved it back to Wall 1.  Actually, I didn’t move any of it, which is probably why I was so free about switching walls.  The men also moved a piano (three times) , a couch, an Armoire (upstairs), a chair (upstairs), a bookcase, and three arm chairs.  Can you believe my husband still loves me?  Me neither.

And after orchestrating all of the furniture, I was ready to rest, but my house was still messy.  I focused on cleaning one counter at a time until I was completely finished with that counter.  I got the kitchen done that way, but had a hard time wanting to plow through the whole house.   Eventually, I ended up hiding in my room reading this book. 

What a delight.  A beautiful written book on manners–and a romance to boot.  As wonderful as Jane Austen.   Just for the record, I did get the house pretty cleaned up by the end of the day.   Pretty is the operative word.


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