Why I’ll Never Be a Camera Girl

I had wanted a nice digital SLR for a while, but I kept telling Prof, “I don’t think I can handle one.  You know I’ll drop it or lose it or break it within a month.”  It’s uncanny how it lasted almost a month.  It came in the mail on January 12.  It is February 7.  I hate it when I’m so dead on. 

Here is the camera--out of focus and no zoom

The discovery:  I went to take a picture with it when the zoom lens wouldn’t turn.  Prof looked at it and said, “This camera has been dropped.”  I didn’t do it.    But there is one little boy we suspect, who I am apparently in charge of most of the day.  And I’m in charge of the camera.  I know I disappointed the Prof–I did warn him about the one month deal, but unfortunately, it is in his nature to think better of my capabilities than he should.  I love him for it.  He can’t even scold me.   The camera has been my favorite toy ever, even though I hardly knew how to use it.  Prof has been sitting at the table playing with it trying to fix it.  I sit at the couch totally useless.  Technology and I don’t really understand each other too well.  I guess I’ll be going to a camera shop tomorrow.  I’ll cry.  For reals.  Maybe that will help.


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