The Joy in Changing Diapers

Tonight, my husband and I came home from a commitment and the babysitter told me that little Caroline hadn’t gone down.  I hurried to her room.  My suspicions were confirmed.  She had a very bad diaper and red bottom.  My heart broke!  She had been suffering for a few hours.

I got her out of the diaper immediately and put her into the tub.  She was disoriented and miserable, and I couldn’t wait to get her cleaned up.   She needed two baths, and while the first bath was draining, she trembled and cried.   She calmed down after she was finally dressed again in warm pajamas.  She was so tired.  I sat in our ugly rocking chair and rocked her.  It squeaked and squeaked.  WD40 is only the beginning of what the chair needs.  But Caroline put her arm around my neck and completely relaxed, and then I relaxed too.  What is a moment like that worth?  It’s at least worth one bad diaper.


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