Walks and Birthdays

We decided we needed an outing so we walked around the corner to visit Mrs. Hansen.  We didn’t know it was her birthday today, but when we found out, we went along like we knew.  That’s the thing about having ADHD.   Even if the organization is a little tough, you do seem to get sudden strokes of inspiration.  Like this morning, I said, “We should visit Mrs. Hansen.”   It’s been a while since we’ve visited her, and I’ve missed it.   And then we discover it’s her birthday today.   It’s so nice to be with someone who seems absolutely delighted to see you and your children. 

But today, I think we gave her a heart attack.   Deborah was non-stop–exploring the rooms, climbing  up the stairs–poor Mrs. Hansen was chasing her around.  That’s when I invited Mrs. Hansen to come visit us at our house.   Again, a sudden stroke of inspiration.   I came back later to bring her a cupcake.  We interrupted her birthday dinner.  She was nice enough to let me take her picture. 

Isn’t she a classy lady?  And I also feel in love with their Cuckoo Clock.  So did my children.  They didn’t want to go.  They made the younger Mrs. Hansen lift them up and turn the clock so they could hear the cuckoos.  I guess I should have intervened.  But it was quite enjoyable to see someone else lift my children.  Beware.  I might be coming to visit you next. 


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