How to Toilet Train a Stubborn Child

Since Ricky at 3 1/2 was still going no where on potty training, I adopted my friend’s training approach.  It’s a brilliant method, but the execution has always been a little more than I can handle.   See why potty training is so hard for me. 

This is what she did:   For the first weekend, it’s potty training boot camp.  Her child would sit on the “throne” for two days while her husband read to him.  Usually, by the end of the weekend, the child had a few things thing figured out.   

Since Ricky had already had several of these weekends, we figured he was ready for the next part of the training–underpants.  Adopting my friend’s method, I encouraged him to go potty.  However, if he had an accident, I quickly changed him and then practiced with him. 

Practice involves running back and forth ten times between “the scene of the accident”  and the toilet.  He practices doing what he should have done the first time.  Ideally, not only do I train him what to do, I also give him a good incentive to do it right the first time.   Unforunately, Ricky loved to practice.  Here he is. 

Really getting into it. 

And enjoying himself thoroughly

The idea was that the child was supposed to be miserable practicing.  Ricky didn’t seem to mind.  Neither did he seem to mind the accidents.  We thought we had made some progress until yesterday, I day I will never forget.  I had worked really hard on the house and laundry all week and was excited to finally have an afternoon to relax. 

Then I walked in my “sacred” office and found Ricky on my computer.  That wasn’t all I found.  I’ll spare you the details and only say that a roll of paper towels, a steam cleaner (that didn’t have the needed parts), and Draino were involved in the hazardous clean-up.  There went my spare ninety minutes.   Still, we started this method ten days ago, and I have to say, I think we’re almost there.  Maybe. 



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