The Strength of Sisters

Whew!  That last entry wore me out.  Talking about creating better habits, and establishing priorities and getting organized–seriously, I had to take a nap after that.  And that’s about as far as I got on my goal setting for the day.  I was also a little grouchy because I didn’t have time to read my intriguing book, I Claudius, and I’m not really sure why I didn’ t have time because–

  • I didn’t do any laundry
  • I didn’t do any house cleaning
  • I didn’t make dinner.  Thank goodness for leftovers. 

But I did play Uno!  Lots of Uno, actually.  Ricky LOVES Uno, and I learned something very important yesterday.  Don’t ever throw out those stray Uno cards you find around the house!  We were not playing with a full deck.  I thought the game would never end.  Apparently I had thrown out so many cards that we were left with too many Draw 4 & wild cards.  The color to play was changing so fast on me it was giving me a headache, and it made it very hard to plan.  Ah!  Life parallels! 

Ricky’s awesome.  He laughs everytime he has to draw cards and it’s a good thing because he had to draw a lot of them!  I guess there’s something to learn from Ricky.

The boys joined in after school, and yes, Ricky is still in his pajamas


Last night I went to my sister’s bridal shower, and yes, I went to one last week too.  It’s a big job being on your sister’s bridal shower circuit.  Eating food, talking with people that love you, laughing–really, it can be so exhausting!

My lovely aunts and cousins really know how to make things special.  My sister’s bridal colors are bright red, orange, and yellow. 

 If you think those are interesting bridal colors, you have to meet my sister— because they are so her.  Lively, high energy, a little blinding at times, but vibrant, and beautiful.

My beautiful, vibrant sister. Why isn't she wearing any orange?

And then I had that moment where I knew what I had to write about today.   I remembered my cousin’s  wedding reception my aunt and her daughters did last summer.  It had such a profound impact on me.  I thought, If thirty years down the roadI can pull something off so lovely with my daughters–oh, but wait a minute, I only have one daughter.  And then I actually thought, Maybe I could have some more daughters.   My husband is not keen on the idea.

My aunt and her four daughters

The reception was in my cousin Leanne’s backyard, and they did everything themselves.  Everything was starting to blossom in the yard, and the women had created a land of wonder with tables, decorations, and food in the beautiful colors of peach and lilac.  I was bowled over by it.  These women show such a balance of resource management, generosity, hard work, and beauty that it just really took my breath away.  

When I asked them how they did it, they’d say things like, “Oh, everyone helped.  Laura made the bread sticks and the cookies.  Lori did the salad . . . ”   Can I teach my children these things?  I hope so.  I’m going to work it into my mission statement that I’m going to be writing next week.  Oh, I lost my keys at the bridal shower too, which is entirely another story . . . I’ll cover that tomorrow.  Do you have any ideas on how to keep better track of your keys?


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