Good Keys are Hard to Find

So I went to my sister’s bridal shower, which was so lovely until my mother asked me if she could get into my car, and I couldn’t find my keys.  I looked in my diaper bag and in my camera case and the kitchen and the bathroom and my coat pockets and under couches, and I could not find them.  Things started to get embarrassing–my dear sister opening gifts, and I opening cupboards–

My AAA Hero

Finally my mother called Triple AAA to get a locksmith.  We waited and waited.  He finally came.  My car alarm went off for a long time.  Twice.  Those darn Toyotas.  Finally he opened the car, but we still couldn’t find my  keys.  AHHHH!!!

We looked and looked again.  I prayed.  I’m quite sure I have a guardian angel assigned to me just to help my find things.  But apparently, my angel was in a bad mood that night.  Perhaps she is getting tired of me as her job is quite demanding.   

The prayers were going nowhere until I finally said, “OK, I promise tomorrow I will my key life in order.”  And wouldn’t you know it?  Immediately, I found the keys in the back of my camera case.  I had already looked there before.  I promise.  Apparently, guardian angels aren’t above pranks at times.

I rejoiced.  My mother rejoiced with me as I was her ride home.   The next day I kept my promise.  Even though getting my keys organized was supposed to wait until Week 9 of my life organization makeover, it got bumped up to Day 1.  Taking time to consider my life’s purpose and setting goals will just have to wait. 

I went to the hardware store and said, “Make me a lot of keys.”

“How many?”

“How many you got?”


“I’ll take them all.”   I also bought five brightly colored and exceedingly tacky key chains, but they are the ones you can attach to things–your purse, your belt loop, your diaper bag–I plan on doing all of the above. 

So today I went to get my key chains and keys to show them all off for you.  Really, I was proud, until I realized the I couldn’t find my keys.  Indeed, I am missing seven keys.  They are inside the same little white bag, and if you happen to see them, will you let me know?  Really.  This is getting embarrassing. 

Are you trying to organize your life?  Want to do it with me?  You’ve got a good point–the blind leading the blind and all that.   Still, it might be kind of fun.



  1. LOL
    I always have the same problem, usually it’s because I’m throwing things around the house as I walk in the door, and I never know where I’ve dumped them! Hope the spares turn up soon. If I find them I’ll send them back via the angel network.

  2. That would be great! I know–I throw things around too, but I tell my husband, “Look, I’ve got a diaper bag, a couple of kids, etc–keys get lost in the shuffle.”

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