The Most Important Habit You Can Have

 As you know, I’m starting a self-inflicted (ha!) program to get my life organized.  It’s not just about organization, but it’s about self-examining, prioritizing, creating habits, and making sure that the dreams I’ve always had become a reality.  I’m first focusing on organizing myself, and so for the next few months, I will work on journal keeping, uplifting reading, a daily planner, exercise, sleep, and the way I present myself to the world. 

I believe the most important habit I can start is to set aside some time everyday to spiritually recharge.  I am making a commitment to do it for 30 minutes each morning for 21 days.  I have tried many times to establish this habit, but I’ve always attempted to do it before the children woke up.  That didn’t work because I didn’t always get up.    It’s more realistic for me to recharge at about 8:30 after I get the older boys to school.   I still need to watch Ricky and Deborah, so I moved all of my reading materials from my office into the playroom.  I read while they play, and when they holler or fight, I take care of the problem and get back to my reading.  

I started this habit two weeks ago, and it’s already changed my life.  I’m happier, more patient with my children, more affectionate, calmer, and even more focused.  I’m teaching my children more effectively and managing my household more efficiently.  The first day was the hardest because I had to gather and organize everything that was scattered around the house.  I thought  it took me forever to track down my pens, my scriptures, my journal, and my books, but when I was done, I realized that the gathering had only take ten minutes.  Now my materials are kept in a basket, and I always find what I need right away.   

Still, it’s not always easy to do.   Here’s my journal excerpt from Day 5:  My sacred recharge time did not go  smoothly.  I was to start at 8:30 a.m., but Deborah had a bad diaper.  I changed her and put her in the bath.  I put Ricky in a different bath tub because Deborah’s sick.   I cleaned my room while she played in the bath, and then I dressed her.  Ricky ran out to me without a towel, and he was crying so I got Ricky dressed.  After I was done dressing him, I noticed that Ricky had had a terrible accident in the tub.  The faucet was also dripping so I couldn’t get the bathtub to drain.  After cleaning up the tub, changing Ricky again after another accident, changing another stinky diaper of Deborah’s, answering the door a couple of times, and answering the phone, I finally sat down to read at 11:10 a.m.  I felt frustrated.  I had spent the whole morning dealing with poop!  My house wasn’t any cleaner, I hadn’t played with my children, and I hadn’t gotten any personal time.  But I got out my scriptures.  I read, and I was comforted, especially when I read this verse:  “For with God nothing shall be impossible.”  St Luke 1:37.  Hard, yes; impossible, no.   While this is hard,  I know that with the help of God, I can do it.  Did you know that mercy is mentioned five times in Luke 1?  I can’t be too hard on myself—I need to lean on His mercy. 

Spiritual recharging can be different for every person–it might be taking a nature walk, meditation, doing yoga, breathing deeply, singing, praying, or reading.  Whatever it is, it should clear your mind, calm you down, and give you some perspective.  Do you want to start this habit with me.    I do so much better maintain my habits if I have someone doing it with me.   Blogging about it makes me feel accountable to you. 

These are some questions you might ask

1. When would be the best time of day to spiritually recharge?  Can I do it consistently at that time?

2. How much time can I set aside each day?

3.  Where would be the best place to recharge?

3.  What materials do I need to gather? 

 BTW, I didn’t find the seven keys. 



  1. It’s finding and keeping to a set time that I need to sort out first. Actually, I think I need to wean the Butterfly first, and then hopefully I will find my brain and energy agaion. Your keys haven’t turned up here, yet…;)

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