Striving for Present-Mindedness


I was afraid I was going to lose you all with that last entry so I thought I better get started quick on my first value, present-mindedness.  This idea, known as Samayika in the yoga world, encourages you to be conscious and aware of things that are going on at that moment.

I started yoga last summer for that exact reason–as an ADHD girl, I am never in present time.  Yoga is supposed to teach me to be aware of my body and breathing as I focus on the challenging physical poses my teacher expects me to do.  Let’s just say I’m still working on the focus. 

Yoga comes much more naturally to Deborah than it does to me

I tried to explain this to my husband, who still can’t understand how I constantly misplace things.  He said, “Why don’t you just think about where you put your keys?”

“Honey, do you think I have control of that?  Do you think I say, ‘I’m not going to pay attention to where I put my keys right now because I really want to call AAA in two hours?'”


“No!  Even in my yoga classes where I supposed to concentrate on breathing and my body, I can’t even concentrate for one minute.”

“What do you think about?” he asked, incredulously.

“My blog, dinner tonight, Libya, Hollywood, politics, the kids, the spelling bee, Eli’s piano lesson, the current book I’m reading, the movie I just saw, errands I need to run, our budget, calls I need to make—”

“OK. OK.”  I get it.  That must be very hard.”

“It is hard.” 

Still, I am seeing some progress.  My ab’s are getting a little tighter, and the deep breathing I’ve learned has been a life saver.  I think what might be helping me be more aware is this blog.  I pay more attention to my children.  I notice and take joy in the simple things my kids do.  Then I run and grab my camera. 

Kate DiCamillo, Newberry Award winner, spins the most beautiful and wondrous tales.  Someday, I hope to meet her.  She shares what makes her such an insightful writer, and it come down to seeing everything around her.  She wrote the most beautiful essay about this process which even tops her books. 

Yesterday I caught a story of my own.  At that moment, I was actually paying attention.  Want to see it?  It’s pretty funny.  I showed it my sons and it had them laughing pretty hard.

Don't you love how she gets right back up?



  1. That’s what life is all about eh…the getting up again. I struggle to stay present in the moment, too. So this was a good reminder for me. 🙂

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