My Three Week Goal

So I haven’t exactly been reading the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People like I was supposed to, but I find in my house a CD set by the same author, Steven Covey entitled, Focus.  When an ADHD girl sees a title with that name, she feels she’s has to listen. 

I put it my CD player in the van, and everytime I turn on the car, I hear this voice saying something like, “Determine your governing values,” and I just roll my eyes because I really want to listen to some good music, but I don’t have the nerve to turn the guy off.  (My son turned on the radio, and unfortunately found Four Non-Blondes.  He had to hear me belt out, “Hey, hey, eh-eh-eh, hey, eh-eh-I said Hey, What’s going on?”  BTW, that is the most awesome song ever created in the universe.      

Anyway, getting back to Steven Covey, the voice I should be listening to, he does say that I should determine what my most important values are and also write a mission statement.  That’s my goal for the next three weeks–I know, you’re all thinking–BORING–is she really going to drag me through all that?

Yes, I am.  Thank you very much.



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