Finding Joy in the Journey

March 1 was a beautiful day.  It was as if the sun finally had permission to poke its head and smile at us.  We celebrated the sun’s arrival by going to the park.  We crossed the river and saw the first signs of spring. 

Crossing the river to the park

I always look forward to March 1.  It is nice to have the cold and grey days of January and February behind me.  The sun is my best endorphin.  There were still patches of snow at the bottom of the slide, and Deborah managed to land in them.  But she didn’t care.  She was as happy as I was.  I put her in the swing.  There is nothing more wonderful than pushing a baby in a swing.   See what I mean? 

I felt so happy watching Deborah feel happy.  Joy is my second value, and it is very much related to being present-minded.  In order to feel joy, I need to notice the beauty and goodness around me.

Sadness also seems to be necessary in order to feel joy.  I don’t think I would appreciate March so much if I didn’t go through January and February.  So it is with joy–I feel it even more powerfully after I’ve gone through some painful growing periods.



  1. Our Butterfly is convinced that my sole purpose in life is to push him on a swing! And I think it’s the contrasts in life that make it ‘life’s rich tapestry’…We’re enjoying some cooler mornings and appreciating them after the intense heat of summer.

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