Do Stay-at-Home Moms Get Bored?

Do Stay-At-Home Moms Get Bored?

Last night Deborah woke me up at 2:30, and after I settled her down, I couldn’t get back to sleep.  I eventually got out a book, and while I didn’t like that it was 3:00 a.m., I did get to read.   Alone time is rare when you’re a mother, and it’s not easy to find time to coddle that cerebral cortex.   Boredom happens.  It’s not that we’re not busy enough.  With laundry, errands, cleaning, making dinner, and wiping noses, we have more than enough to keep us occupied.  At least our hands are occupied. 

I know that my mind often wanders.  Could this be ADHD or could it be my work?  My dream vacation is anywhere so long as I have a few good books, some sunshine, and a pool.  That vacation has yet to happen.  So while I wait, the book is my refuge.  My mind is so hungry all of the time.  It demands to know everything, which is ironic seems it seems to have such a hard time retaining anything.  I quit watching Jeopardy.  The, “Oh-oh, I know this–I think–wait., what was the answer?”  while the contestants are three questions ahead of me just got too discouraging.    

Still I love knowledge.  It is my get-away.  Perhaps one of the reasons I love to read is because I’m wrapped in a down comforter or curled up on my couch, and that in and of itself, is some kind of reward.  Knowledge is the third of my twelve values simply because I am so passionate about it.  But book knowledge is easy.  It’s an escape to learn everything about Rome and Greece and all other subjects not so relevant to my life. 

But I also think that I undervalue the real knowledge I gain everyday–the hard won knowledge.  That knowledge is not so eagerly sought after, but it’s important.      

I’ve learned for example:

  • If you don’t wipe a dirty high chair immediately,  it will remain dirty forever. 
  • If you don’t use a bib, that darling white-collared blouse will become a blue-collared blouse.   
  • If your 3 year old screams in front of your baby’s bedroom door, she will wake up.   
  • If someone complains in the middle of the night that their stomach hurts, get a bucket.
  • If you bark at the kids, they’ll bark back. 
  • If you try to work on your blog while they children are awake, they will turn off your computer (just learned 3 minutes ago).

But there’s beautiful knowledge too-

  • If you praise your children, they’ll help you more.
  • If you sing loudly in your car, your kids will become surprisingly silent.
  • If you all take a walk together, everyone’s mood improves.
  • If you hug your children, they’ll hug you back.  

One of the persons I admired most for her “life” knowledge is NieNie.  She was a blogger mother of four who crashed in a small airplane.  83% of her body was burned.  Her knowledge has been much more harder gained than mine will ever be–and yet as you read her blog, you see such strength and beauty. 

I also just discovered this Melissa Puente’s blog.  It was so beautiful, I could hardly stand it.  She is the mother of two sets of twins–and she nearly lost her first set when they were born.  The day of their delivery was the hardest of her life.  The best knowledge is not found on an easy road.  And yet, she continues to learn, she reads new books on parenting every week.  You can never learn enough about kids.



  1. Reading and study have certainly kept me sane over the past few years. My head never stops, either, so while I love my kids and am pleased to be home with them – housework doesn’t do it for me, and neither does toddler conversation! I’m constantly fascinated by people too, particularly *my* little people.

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