In Sync, Out of Sync Mom

As moms, we often feel out of sync.  Like when you try to take your children on a walk and

you can’t find a shirt for the baby

and you go down to the laundry room to find one

and then you can’t remember where you put her pants

and then you get out new pants and dress your baby

and then you find the misplaced pants and must put them away

and then you put on your baby’s hat

and then you can’t find your sunglasses

and then you need to dress your three-year old

and then your baby escapes onto the fresh snow in her tights

and then you change your baby again and bring her downstairs

and then you can’t find her coat

and then you go back upstairs to get it

and then your three-year old wants oatmeal again

and then your baby takes off her hat

and then you put it on again, tightly

and then she protests

and then when you finally walk down the driveway, your three-year old sneezes

and then you must go back to get a Kleenex

That, at least, is how my morning went.  Total time to get ready for walk:  55 minutes.

But there are a few things that are in sync, and even though the rest of your life isn’t put together, you know you are still meant to walk that path no matter how hard it is to get started. 

My in sync moments in the last 24 hours are few, but I’ll claim them-

Ricky looked smashing this morning.  His hat and his sock matched his shirt, and I didn’t even plan that.

Ricky is certainly the chairman of the board at home

Even his socks match!

Davy is learning about the 7 Habits in school Today I signed on the goals he’s made for himself.  I’m telling you, it’s meant to be. 

Insomnia threatened to ruin another good night’s sleep, but I saw Ben Franklin on my nightstand.  I started to read it and went right to sleep.  It’s better than Tylenol PM.

One other wonderful thing happened, but I’ll be sharing that story with you in the next few days-



  1. I’ve had those 55 minute organisation times, sucky.
    And I love this reclaiming our lives we’re doing. I’m still following the flylady, and feeling better for it. 🙂

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