Where’s My Sleep?

We’re all feeling pretty crummy over here.  I had another night of insomnia, and unfortunately, Ben Franklin got interesting, and so I didn’t get back to sleep.  I think it’s the night after night of bad sleep that is slowly catching up with me.

Davy stayed home.  Here they all are.  Don’t they look great? 

 Did you really need to see that picture?   That’s how we all feel today.  I bought a Franklin Planner yesterday.  My next goal is to keep it and my cellphone with me for 21 days.  They go in a little apron I tie around my waist.  I’m pretty freaked out about this goal because I have failed so many times with planners and phones.  I’ll need your prayers.  It’ll take nothing short of a miracle.

Have you ever had insomnia?  How did you deal with it?



  1. Insomnia sucks. I’ve had it from time to time, but it always passed and I never had to do anything more than cut out a bit of caffeine. Sometimes I just let myself fall asleep when I’m putting the kids to bed.
    Good luck with the diary and the cellphone, I don’t even know where my cellphone is at the moment. Oops.

  2. I hear you, Beck. No matter what time I go to sleep, I wake up early in the am and can’t go back to sleep. Unfortunately, I am in a terrible habit of going to bed late….always trying to finish up one thing or another. Dad always used to coax me to “come to bed,” and I generally would. But now I’m on my own, and don’t seem to know enough to call it a day. I’m going to commit, along with you, to getting to bed earlier. 11:00 pm AT THE LATEST.

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