How Do You Keep Track of Your Cellphone?

Written last night

My head is pounding.  This first day of keeping track of my cell phone and planner has been really hard.  My phone went dead right at the beginning, and I had to track down a charger to charge it.   I just have to remind myself I am launching a rocket. 

Phurba Namgay did this original rocket artwork.   You’ve got to check out his blog.  He has a bunny too.  (My son Ricky loved it.)

I had to go back to the Franklin Planner store to get a few more supplies, and when I got home, I unwrapped everything and put everything in the new binder.  Then I stuck my phone and binder in the apron. 

But still my head is pounding.  Really pounding. 

It’s already been so useful to have.   I planned my day.   I have felt overwhelmed with all the decorating  I want to do in this house so I took a page and wrote down everything that needs to be done or bought.   I wrote down an estimate of how much each item would cost and then totalled everything up.   If I set aside a little bit of money every month and slowly purchase things, I can have my home decorated the way I would like within 2 years.  It’s nice that way because decorating doesn’t become too time-consuming for me either. 

I had my cellphone with me at the doctor’s office so I was able to make several phone calls while I waited.  When I called my mom, I turned to my planner to ask her all the questions I had written down.  I didn’t have to jam my brain to remember them.  I was also able to write down our next three appointments while I was at the doctor’s office.  It’s so nice to have a calendar!

Still, on my way home, I felt really exhausted.  The planner and phone are not easy for me, but they are making my life better already.  I just need to remember I am launching a rocket right now.  Keeping a planner and phone with me may be the biggest rocket I have to launch.   I’m so tired. 

My problem in the past has been that I've launched too many rockets at once

Phurba Namgay art again.  Seriously, I want to buy these two prints and put them on my wall just to help me remember to only focus on one habit at a time. 

I realized pretty quickly today that I didn’t have my apron on me.  I had a really hard time finding it.  It has my planner and cellphone in it.  I looked through the house and checked most of the rooms three times until I found it on top of Davy and Eli’s nightstand.  I don’t know how it got there.  I have it now though, and it’s been a life saver already.  I have quite a bit to do in the next few days, and by writing everything down in my planner, I was able to streamline my projects so I can get everything done.  If this apron and I can get through the first week together, we’ll be home free. 

I’m trying the apron right now for my phone and planner.

How do you keep track of your phone or planner?



  1. Sounds like you have a great new system! I hope it works for you. I keep my phone in three places: my pocket, by my computer or in my purse so it doesn’t get lost much. I keep my calendar online through, and I can access it via my phone.

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