What Dreams Do You Have For Your Child?

Eli had a rough patch with one of his piano pieces the other day.  I sat down with him and had him practice four challenging measures over and over again.  He still couldn’t get it.  Each time he messed up, he giggled.  That got me laughing too. 

Trying to be serious

 That night we went to a concert with Lindsey Brinton and Stephanie Brinton Parker.   I was so smitten with them that I got this after the concert.  I’m going to tape it on my wall in my office.

They played the demanding Poulenc Duo Piano Concerto in D minor.  I had never heard it before, but it blew me away.  It was hip, modern and beautiful.  Can you believe I took these monkeys with me to the concert?   

The two sisters  lived such full lives.  They had played basketball and tennis in high school, had worked in student leadership, had won international piano competitions, and had both gone to Harvard.  I was intrigued that they had starting taking lessons from Irene Peery-Fox when they were only five years old.  I’ve known of her for years.  She is the name that is always attached to the lastest piano competition winner.  I had assumed that to get her as a teacher, you already have to be an amazing pianist.  I had never thought she could be accessible to our family.  More about that tomorrow.   Here’s a picture of them playing courtesy of the blog, Distinguished Women of Utah.   

These women had been diligent in their practicing and so diligence became my fifth value in my mission statement.   It’s really hard to stay that dedicated to piano.  It can be very tedious and taxing, but these women performed so brilliantly, you knew it had to have been worth it.   We got a picture with Lindsey after the concert, but we had to wait a long time because they were both surrounded by so many people.  The two young women were glowing.  They were so gracious as everyone clamored around them.  I overheard Lindsey saying, “So really?  We’re related?  We’re like third cousins?  That’s so cool.”   You could feel the elation, the joy, the pay off in the air as friends and family gathered around them to celebrate. 

 I hope that my children can have a day like this.  I’m more determined to teach them to work hard even when things get challenging and tedious.  Do you want to hear the Poluenc Duo Concerto?  Here’s just a sample of it on youtube. 

I even dreamed that two of my sons might play that concerto together.  Is that silly? 

What dreams do you have for your children?



  1. Of course, I think differently to everyone else!
    Maturity, calm and being great people – achieving well in things they’re interested in, and becoming better fathers and husbands – than I am mother and wife. 🙂

  2. When you see so many immature adults around, it’s easy to be worried that our kids are going to turn out that way too. Emotional Intelligence is what the ‘experts’ call maturity these days – so any information to do with teaching kids EQ is the same as teaching them maturity. Personally, I think it’s a lot to do with how we wire their brains – lots of nurturing, lots of play, calmness, quiet, a few well enforced rules, stories – that kind of thing.

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