The Wedding!

Coming Out of the Temple

A jubilant Bonnie and Greg

The sealer that married them said, “God did not take Eve from the foot of Adam where he could tread on her, or the head of Adam, where she could rule over him, but from the rib of Adam, where they would be equal partners.  He could hold her under his arm & protect her, and she would always be close to his heart. 

Dad and Deborah

Ben is not a fan of weddings, but he’s being a good sport

The after picture

Eli and Neil Celebrating


Bonnie and Greg with Bonnie’s three sisters

Mother and Daughters

The flower girls, Lizzie and Rachel

The majestic Salt Lake Temple, where they were married


The wedding dinner

Bridesmaids, Mary and Maryann

Aunts of the Bride

A Time to Dance

These girls get down

Bridesmaids Boogie

Center Stage 

Winding Down

Pre-Honeymoon Man Dance

That’s all folks!



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