Planting Cauliflower and Broccoli

We planted our broccoli and cauliflower seeds.  We’ll keep them in the window sill of our garage until it gets warm enough to transplant them.  Our boys were especially rowdy during the planting. 

We kept telling them that these plants would need to be watered every day.  It would require patience and work.  It’s been two days and nobody has watered them again.   Uh oh. 

Patience is my tenth value, and it’s one that is so HARD for me.  I don’t like waiting for anything.   I am always the one at the back of the line in the grocery store asking if there are any more checkers.

Patience isn’t a passive value.  It’s most powerful when paired with hard work.  I have to keep reminding myself that the results of my work might come slower than I want them to come.   It’s hard for me to keep working even when I don’t see the pay off right away.   

Unfortunately, broccoli and cauliflower may not be the best incentives for patience.  Now if we were growing Twix bars, my boys might be a little more excited–



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