The Second Goal: Keeping My Planner and Cell Phone with Me

Keeping my planner and phone with me at all times is so hard.  I’m been working on this goal for a week, but I am constantly discovering that they are not with me.  In fact, where are my planner and phone now?  I’m going to get them.  I’ll be right back.  OK, here they are. 

Isn’t that a beautiful planner?  It should be.  It cost me enough.   I’ve just loved it though. It has a calendar, a place to make goals, a place to write down my values, a place to keep track of my money, and even a place to keep track of my car maintenance.   It also serves as my wallet because I keep my cash and credit cards in there. 

I’m not fully utilizing it now because just trying to keep track of it is a real feat.   Starting today,  I am not going to let my planner or my phone out of sight.  Think I can do it?  Pray for me!   

Last night I went to a bridal shower of a lovely friend.  Here we are together in our green.  It was St. Patrick’s Day. 


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