If Only Life Were Like Candyland

Ricky fell apart this morning while he was playing on the trampoline.  A huge wind came through, and it started to rain on him.  He thought the world was going to end.  Naturally, I had to rescue him.  Naturally, we had to use some Candyland therapy. 

Candyland has to be the best game for kids and worst game for adults ever created.  But we do love our kids, don’t we?

Ricky is thinking carefully about his strategy.  As usual, he will beat me.  I can’t explain the phenomenon.

Mission accomplished.  Happy boy.  Davy’s (7) new job after school is to play a game with Ricky.  They played Candyland on the floor of the play room.  I told them to pick it up, which they did, but they left the game on the floor.  This is what happened.

At least she’s happy about it.  Candyland seems to give Deborah some “mess” therapy as well.  Ah!  If only life were like Candyland.  If only we just drew a card and knew that we needed to advance to orange and take the rainbow pass.  If only our worst situation was getting stuck in the licorice patch.  Many times I want life decided for me–I want to be told to advance to the next blue, and yet, I have to make many choices everyday.  I am finally learning to embrace my choices.   

What choices have you embraced lately? 




  1. I know this might sound kind of odd, but the choice I’ve been trying to embrace lately is that I CHOSE to marry a man who’s in the military!! Military life is no picnic, but when I was dating Ben I had so much peace and calm as I imagined our life together. I know it’s meant to be!

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