How Can Mothers Find More Beauty?

The other night I was feeling rather sorry for myself because I have FIVE KIDS!  I love my kids, but the workload can be daunting.  My husband was gone at meetings, and I had babies to put down, a kitchen to clean, and homework to manage. 

At 8:00, when the work was done, my children and I listened to this.  The 5 Browns are siblings who went to Julliard and perform on five pianos together.  The beauty of their music soothed and inspired me.  My children were transfixed.  Even little Ricky (3) couldn’t take his eyes off the television.  It was a joy just to watch their fingers fly across the keys with such ease.  Their faces showed such passion and joy.  We listened to them play Flight of the Bumblee, Clair De Lune, Rhapsody in Blue, Simple Gifts, and the moving Spanish Malaguena.   If you have a Tivo or DVR, you can record this amazing concert through PBS.  They are frequently replaying it; when I recorded it, it had come on Tuesday night at 12:05 a.m.    

We fell in love with this stunning violin performance by Jenny Oaks Baker which you can hear here. 

Beauty pops up in unlikely places.  I need to notice it and let it bring me happiness.  I took off Deborah’s red dress after chuch and this is what I found.  I LOVE red. 

Mothers need to surround their lives with beauty.   When our eyes often fall on messy kitchens and cluttered closets, we need beauty to calm us and bring us joy.  I’m determined to bring more beauty into my life whether it be saving money for some artwork, listening to music while I work, or putting a vase of flowers in my kitchen.  I need to see and hear things that uplift me. 

Where do you find beauty in your life?


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