Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Part 2

A few more of my steps forward

1.  I am keeping better track of my cellphone.  I know where it is about 75%  of the time.  It’s amazing how much you use that device when you have it with you.  It’s really hard to keep my planner with me.  It’s not like I’m sitting at a desk all day.  I’m making dinner, going to the park, doing laundry, and it’s constantly getting misplaced.  Do you have any ideas on how to keep my planner and phone with me?

2.  Our broccoli and cauliflower seeds are coming up.  I really can’t believe it.  Davy has proved to be a good little water boy.

3.  Ben is doing better in school.  We spend lots of time together working on his homework.  He just won the math trophy for the best student of third quarter.  He also just gave his first talk in church this week.  He looked at the audience and spoke clearly and with confidence.   

Where have you made two steps forward?


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