Deborah the Siren

Deborah was ecstatic when we came home from our trip.  She clung to me and wouldn’t let go of me.  The next day, I tried to give her to Michael at church, and she would not have it.  She squawked and yelled and screamed.  She is intense!  When you have a little girl that is that nuts about you, it can go to your head.  It’s a good thing too; sometimes as a mother you can feel pretty unimportant.  It’s nice to know your #1 in somebody’s book.    Still, this girl is intense.  We had a little “honeymoon period” after the trip, but now, she is sitting in her crib screaming while I get this post on.  Let me repeat, the girl is intense!In fact, all of my kids are intense, and there are times where I just get wiped out.  The last 24 hours have been that way.  I try not to cry too much.  Heaven knows my kids sure do. 

It’s affirming for me to go through this old pictures again.  She is my bundle of joy.  She keeps me laughing and hustling and crying.  We have a lot of highs together. 

Perhaps the most challenging thing is how this little siren seems to keep interrupting me with my “personal” time.  I still am deluded enough to think that I should get some “me” time in my life.   Here she is laughing at my attempt to read Euripedes last summer.  Really, what was I thinking?

She interfered with my personal detour today too.  I bought Eli some music supplies and decided to take a quick peak at the duet section.  I really want to start playing classical duets with a friend.  I know, crazy.  There I was thumbing through Beethoven and Saint Saens, when she just starting screaming–really screaming.   I covered her mouth completely and she was still going at a 4000 decibel level.  She was angry because she wanted me to let her down so she could try out the electric keyboards and guitars.  I know.  I’ve already got a  teenager on my hands. 

This is how she first came to us.

This is what her facial expression looked like on most of the pictures.

 I guess it’s time to go get her out of her crib. 


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