Pinewood Derby

What is it about the Pinewood Derby that can hypnotize both father and son?   I’ve never really understood these manly rituals, and I’ve been going to them for five years.  Only eight more years to go.   All fathers hope their son wins.  Micheal and Eli put a lot of time in the garage making their car just right.  The boy that ended up winning was putting on his wheels right before the race.  It’s really kind of funny. 

 My dear Michael helped all the boys in the neigborhood cut out their cars.  He is too good a man.  That’s why I married him.   While I’m not really into the derby, I do get into the kids watching it.  Their facial expressions are something else.  

Eli hoping he wins. 

Deborah clapping

Everyone cheering

Davy–well, what is he doing? 

Father and Daughter

Father and Son

It was good to go because we’ve had a rough week.  That good old ADHD is just really shining through this week.   These are actual conversations that happened in our house.  I am not kidding. 

Dad:  Will you please stop bossing Eli around?

Son:  I’m not bossing Eli around.  I’m just telling him what to do.


Mom:  Davy told me that he fell because you were threatening him.

Son:  I was not!

Mom:   He said you were chasing him.

Son:  I took one step.

Mom:  He said you told him you were going to hurt him.

Son:  Silence. 

Mom:  Did you tell him you were going to hurt him?

Son:  All I said was, “Do you want to die?” 

I look forward to going to bed tonight.  I think I’m going to drink some herbal tea.  And do some yoga tomorrow.  Namaste. 


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