Why Is It Hard for Moms to Go to Bed Early?

Why it hard for moms to go to bed early? A stupid question, really, isn’t it?  Since starting my quest to create better habits in my life, I’ve realized that the sleep issue has got to be resolved.  I’m dealing with insomnia, and it’s no fun.

Sleep comes easy for children

I believe I could really clean up this insomnia problem if I could just go to bed early and get up early.   Going to bed every night at roughly the same time is key.  Getting up at the same time is also key.  I’ve been working on this habit for a week now, and it is tough.  Here are some challenges I run into, challenges that a lot of mothers face. 

1.  There’s too much to do. 

No matter how much I’ve tried to get done earlier in the day, it seems that there is always a jam of things that need to be done after dinner.  The kitchen needs to be cleaned and swept.  The two babies need to be put in their pajamas (and often bathed).  The older three need help with piano, homework, and school projects.  There are constant interruptions that slow down the work.  By the time I get done, it’s pretty late.

2.  It’s hard to unwind. 

 With such a packed day, it’s hard to just unwind and fall asleep at 10:00 p.m.   The inconsistency of bed time doesn’t help either.  The adrenaline is still going through my body, and my body just needs time to calm down. 

3.  I don’t want to go to bed.  

After finishing such a  big day, it’s hard to want to go right to bed and then start the routine all over again in the morning.  In some ways, it’s hard to face the reality that everything took longer that I thought it would, and I didn’t get the down time I was hoping for during the day.  Now, the house is finally quiet, and I’d rather curl up with a blanket and read a good book or talk with Michael than sleep. 

With all of these challenges, it does make me wonder if getting to bed early is even a doable and worthwhile habit.  I still believe it is.  For one, a regular routine should help with insomnia.  Second, I have more energy and get so much more done when I get a head start on my day.   Finally, if I want to do this blog, I need to get the entries written early. 

What makes it hard for you to go to bed at night?

Tomorrow:  Solutions to this problem.



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