How to Get to Bed Earlier: Part 1

How to Get to Bed Earlier: Part 1–Don’t Give Up!

The plan was set.  Ricky would go to preschool.  Deborah would go down for a nap.  I would get some free time to write.  Ricky went to preschool.  Deborah went to her crib.  But she didn’t sleep.  Go figure. 

It was kind of my bad because I accidentally let her sleep in this morning (which she never does).  So when I put her to bed for an early nap, she had other plans.  She sang, she cooed, and then she cried.  Finally, I got her up again.  The sun was shining, so we went on a walk.  She was just pickled.  I even let her choose the route, which proved to be rather circuitous, but she was so delighted with her new power that she kept tripping on it.  Literally.  She kept pancaking right on the sidewalk, but she just picked herself right back up and started walking in circles again.  I love watching that girl. 

After about twenty minutes of this adventure, I realized we were going to need to use the wagon to actually make it half way around the block to pick up Ricky on time. 

And this is both the challenge and beauty of motherhood.  Life gets chaotic.  We try to take control of our lives.  To some extent we take some control, but we learn quite early that we can’t control our children.  We can put them on schedules and give them rules, which bring some order, but ultimately, they steer their own ship, and their navigation doesn’t always prove convenient to us.  So we do our best to create structure knowing that we are going to have to be a little flexible.  

I think I have to understand all of this as I try to get on a decent sleep schedule.  I’ve got to keep trying to go to bed earlier even though I have all these little variables (AKA Ben, Eli, Davy, Ricky & Deborah)  that can make it hard to be punctual with the sleep.  And so if I don’t do so well one night, I can’t throw up my hands.  I just need to go at it again. 

What ideas do you have for getting to bed earlier?



  1. Yeah, I never get to bed before 11:00, it’s usually between 11:30 and midnight, and for the same reasons… I need time for myself and the late evenings are the only times I really get it. I get up around 7:00, with the baby, but am up at least twice in the night when she wakes. So, I’m somewhat sleep deprived, but have kind of learned to live with it. I exercise every day when the baby naps and that gives me a lot of energy as well as trying to eat healthy. Oatmeal in the morning really gives me a lot of energy. If I’m really tired I sneak in a nap when the baby naps, but it’s not too often. I’ve also kind of given up on personal projects and whatnot. It’s just not my season right now. If I can blog here and there or read a book here and there, or stay in touch with friends, I am happy. The girls consume my life!! But, I guess that’s the consequences of our choices to have children! I’ll get my life back some day 🙂

  2. So true, and it makes it impossible to get up early when you’ve got children up in the night–we’re a little past that stage here.

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