How to Get to Bed Earlier: Part 2

I’ve writen about how hard it is for mom to get to bed early.  We always have so much to do. 

If I want to get to bed earlier, I’ve got to delegate some work.  We had a little family council.  I wrote down everything on the board that has to be done right before and after dinner.  It was a long list.  No wonder I can’t get to bed in good time.

My talented sleeper

Everybody took on more responsiblities.  Here’s what we all negotiated. 

 Do you think it will work? 

What tasks could you delegate to your family?



  1. The kids will get a little older and you’ll get more sleep, then they’ll get to be teenagers and you’ll be up half the night again waiting for them to go to bed. I have a 14 year old left at home and she goes to bed at 9:45, and I still stay up till 11:30. I don’t know why. It’s hard to force myself to go to bed I guess.

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