Rule #1 for the Hostess: Remember that Your Guests Are Coming

You know how I wrote about how I really wanted to be a good hostess?  Not today, my friends.

Eli and I were practicing the piano when Davy said, “Grandpa Bob and Grandma Shirley are here.”  That’s when I remembered.  That they were coming to stay with us. 

Forgetting to take care of your in-laws is like forgetting your own wedding.  It’s just not something you do.  I don’t know how I pulled the absent-mindedness off so thoroughly.  Between planning our vacation and shopping for a bigger van so we won’t kill each other on vacation, I just completely forgot.  And that, my friends, is why I need to keep my planner with me ALL the time.       

I raced downstairs to change the guest room sheets, pick up the toys, and vacuum the floor, but apparently I could not get all of this done by the time they walked up to the front door. 

While I was falling a little short on the gracious host role, they played the gracious guest part perfectly and offered to take us out for dinner.  Thank you!   I could not go since Ricky was sick, but you better believe I zipped through that house while they were gone. 

And then I got  inspired.  That’s the thing with having ADHD.  You are either wretchedly stupid or wickedly brilliant. 

While I was cleaning, I was thinking about sugar.  And how I wanted some.  I had just read the most glorious blog and realized I had found my food soul mateI looked to see if I had any cream cheese to make a carrot cake.  No such luck.  And then I remembered that it was Uncle Dick’s birthday.  (He and aunt Karma were eating with my in-laws). 

If there’s one thing I can do, I can make birthday cake.  The key is the frosting.  Just add lots of sugar and butter.  They came home, we all sang happy birthday, and everybody raved about my frosting.   We tied a balloon around Deborah’s ankle.  She was confused. 


We had such a lovely visit, and I could have stayed up all night talking with them, but finally we went to bed.  Do you know what’s worse than not remembering that your in-laws are coming?  Having your cleaning ladies show up the next morning.  Talk about feeling exposed.

Have you ever forgot that you had guests coming?  What did you do?



  1. That is hilarious! I am so scatter-brained it’s not even funny. I am always forgetting Dr. appointments and such. I’m glad I’m not the only one who forgets important things.

  2. I love the balloon idea. Poor Deborah, but I am going to do that to the Butterfly – it looks like such fun. The problem will be stopping the older boys from becoming too excited and popping it by mistake.(Ahhh no haven’t forgotten guests were coming, but have forgotten most other things. It is baby-brain, it has to be…please.)

  3. Dunno, but here’s my story:
    Have just weaned the Butterfly and am having proper sleeps for the first time in seven (I kid you not.) years. Feel like a bus has hit me most days as my brain sorts itself out…have most of my energy back…hopefully brain will follow. 😉

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