Good Friends

Since having five kids, I have not had the close friendships that I have usually had.  Sometimes it just doesn’t feel like there is time to maintain them, and yet I still need them.

Shannon, my best friend in college

This week, I had two dear blasts from the past.  I ran into one friend at Gymboree.  We had been to law school together.  She was a girl with a strong mind and body, but a devastating illness had completely taken over many years of her life leaving her unable to have children. When I ran into her a few days ago, she told me that she and her husband had adopted two children.   I was so thrilled for her that I started to weep.   We gave each other hugs, exchanged phone numbers,  (I had my cellphone with me, ha! ha!), and then she gave me $25 worth of gymbucks.  Seriously, she saved me $25.  What a friend.  I don’t care how busy I am–I am going to lunch with her!

On our way to California, we stopped by the home of my best friend in college.  I did not know how sweet it would be to see her again.  I was chagrined to come.  We were late, and Deborah’s first vomiting episode happened ten minutes before we got to their house.  They wanted us to come anyway.

They have chickens, pigs, and calves in their backyard.  They have five kids just like us.  There’s something very validating about seeing a friend who is on the same life path as you are. 

Our floor plans were somewhat similar too, and we both hate our small laundry room!  They fed us dinner, and I left there with such a sweet feeling that it got me through the rest of Deborah’s digestion adventures.


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