I Have Met Paradise

This place is the bomb except that we have terrible internet service. Today we went to San Diego and saw the amazing Hotel Del Coronado, and now I must say that I have met paradise.What a beautiful place!  The beach was squeaky clean, and hardly anybody was on it.  Ricky did a little dance.

 It all went to his head, and he got a little dizzy.  He took the crash in good stride.Fighter planes were flying very low above us as they prepared to land at the naval base a mile a way.  It makes you feel a little patriotic to see those amazing huge planes.  Marines were training on the beach, and I just wanted to thank them for their service–their workouts didn’t look too fun by the way.  It was freezing cold, but that didn’t stop the kids from diving in. 

Fools!  I think someday I’m going to buy some real estate here.  I got my eye on this house.

I love the feel of sand on my feet.  My kids loved the sand too. 

Doesn’t he look like a spider?

We took the beautiful walk from the beach to the Hotel De Coronado.  We ran into this fellow who was doing street art with sand.I really really fell in love with this hotel.  And if we don’t buy that house I just picked out, someday I ‘d like to spend a night here. 

I love this picture of all the ladies walking back.  BTW, they were so SLOW!  But they walk in style.

Here is my mother and my aunts.  My aunts and mom are a blast together.  I kept hanging out in their condo.  My mother takes good care of us.  She is so dedicated that she actually agreed to go on vacation with us.  Now that’s sacrifice.  And if you can imagine, she just called me today (a week later) and offered to take all the kids to Boondocks.  Really.  She still loves us.  And she’s gorgeous, don’t you think?  It runs in the family.

The boys!  Ben’s best friend is Brandon–they have so much in common–basketball and fear of rollercoasters. I think your weaknesses bond you more with your friends than your strengths, don’t you?



 We finally got some amazing breakfast (at 2:30 p.m.) at the Mission.  I think I ate rosemary potatoes, toast, blueberry pancakes, eggs, and chicken apple sausage.  Yummo!  The kids scarfed their food down too.

Vacations are so good because they let me take a breather.  I enjoy my family more, I’m rejuvenated by a different place, and the R&R?–well, there’s not much on a family vacation.  Still, I do get restful moments, and I am thankful for that.

BTW, I’m sorry I can’t space pictures better.  I’m getting some help.  In the meantime, just bear with me. 



  1. Oh I am jealous…Pat served his mission there and loves that hotel. And the Marines training are trying out for Seal training…so they get to do a lot of unpleasant things.

  2. Wow! We were hoping to see some Seals training, but we didn’t. David has just read a heartbreaking book about the Seals. I can’t remember the name of it, but it’s about four Seals who are on an undercover operation and three sheepherders in Afghanistan walk over them–the Seals have to decide whether to let the men live, knowing that their position will be compromised or kill them. They let them live. Three of the Seals die as do eight that come in on a Black Hawk to rescue them. Do you know what book I’m talking about? Since the book, David wishes he had been a Navy Seal. I’m so glad he didn’t.

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