Making Progress

I just posted more pictures of our vacation!  Here’s a little teaser.  But isn’t she a tease?As many of you know, I am writing a blog about ADHD–well, sort of. About half of our family has ADHD, including me. Some of the “perks” of ADHD are disorganization, loudness, lack of focus, and being completely unable to figure out wordpress. Seriously, I am going to lose my mind with trying to get this blog online. Is wordpress hard for anyone else?

I am ready to tear my hair out with it now–but I’m determined to stay the course. It’s helpful that some of you keep reading me. I’m not quite sure why you do, but you do make me feel accountable.

If you are like me, it can be overwhelming to try to deal with so many different areas of your life, especially when you feel like so many areas need improvement. There’s the desire to exercise more, the need to reign in the finances, the quandry of what to make for dinner, the fighting siblings, the messy house–so many times we see all the things that we need to change, and we don’t even know where to start.

In order to deal with life, I have decided to divide up my year into five areas: self, food, family, money, and home. I am nearing the end of my work on self. What have I accomplished? I’m sleeping better and exercising more. I give myself a half hour a day for spiritual reconnection. I have bought myself a planner and am making great efforts to keep it and my cell phone with me. I also bought some make-up and cute new clothes, and I’m going to get my ears pierced. Seriously, I’ve never had them pierced before. I just never got around to it.

My new clothes

I am considering my values and preparing to write a mission statement (which will be coming soon). Wow! I actually have made some progress. I still slip regularly, but I’m doing better.

And to make a special announcement–I have kept my phone and planner with me for 36 hours. I’m not kidding. I even kept them on my bed with me while I’ve slept. I’m so proud of myself.

Do you take time to look at what you’ve actually accomplished or do you always worry about what you still have to do?


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  1. I’m a mixture of both. Definitely more to do, but finally feel like I’m back on track too. The house stuff has happened due to the flylady at – might be worth checking out? Anyhoo, I agree about the accountability of having an audience, it certainly keeps me thinking about what to write next.

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