Tests of Motherhood

There is nothing that tests the devotion of a mom more than a 6th grade band concert and a cub pack meeting on the same night.  Mercy.  Ben hasn’t practiced his trumpet all year.  It didn’t sound like many of his band friends had either.

I left the camera in the car and when I rushed back, they had already put their instruments away, and there was no way they were getting them out again for me.  At least they look pretty cute, don’t they?  We then rushed to pack meeting.  I have to say, scouts is a pretty awesome organization.  The boys LOVE doing the silly skits.  

And the games.  For this one, they had to walk “by faith”  using only a string and a mentor to get through a difficult course.  And yes, that is my entire challenge right there.  I want to see my life course before proceeding.  Just one step at a time is the way it goes–probably because if I saw my whole life course, I would freak out.

I’ve been so sick today.  Rats.  Notice anything different about me? 

I got my ears pierced!  That was a test too.  I had all five of my kids at the nail salon with me and the Vietnamese guy kept saying, “Don’t push the fish tank so hard.”  Deborah climbed right up onto the footrest of one of his chairs, and I don’t think he liked that either.  I guess I shouldn’ t try to read the magazines after reaching a certain threshhold number of kids.  I didn’t exactly feel like I was getting pampered–especially because getting your ears pierced really hurts! 

What tests your commitment to motherhood? 


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