Daddy’s Girl

Still sick, and I’m going to go to bed soon, but today was my husband’s birthday, and I just loved this picture.  Deborah is starting to get a little crush on her daddy.  She used to so strongly prefer me, but a month ago, Michael started getting her in her pajamas every night, and now they’ve bonded.  I’m getting jealous. 

We all shared memories of special times with Michael.  I was offended that all of my boys’ memories were times when I was not there(Boondocks, fishing, camping)  so I shared memories of when they were not around, when they were not even born yet. 

Those were carefree times–so much easier, but at the same time, I don’t think I’ve ever loved my husband more.  When you’re in the trenches you really grow to count on your mate.  Before your married, you want somebody with whom you can have a good time.  After you’re married, you want somebody who can handle tough times.  We still have a good time.



  1. I can see why Deborah’s got a crush…cute Daddy..if you don’t mind me saying. 😉
    And I agree about the whole marriage thing – it’s the toughing it out and the fun we find in toughing it out that makes Craig and I stronger.

  2. Sue…this pic is downright precious. Just three of the beautiful people in your life. Happy Birthday to Michael

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