Help for ADHD Families–Nicholeen Peck

I’m starting to organize the food in my kitchen, and while I do it I’m going to be listening to the CD’s from Nicholeen Peck.

Spencer and Nicholeen Peck

Last summer was really tough with my ADHD children home.  We started the summer with different chore charts and incentive programs, but at the end, I felt pretty unravelled.  The boys were fighting a lot, and they weren’t showing me a lot of respect either.  This summer, I’m going to be more prepared, and I’m doing that by listening to Peck’s CD’s again.

I’ve read many parenting books and attended many conferences and classes, but I think that Ms. Peck’s material has been the best I’ve found. 

I heard her speak last fall, and she told us that her family was on the BBC program, The World’s Strictest Parents.  Two out of control teenagers from Great Britain stayed in the Peck’s home for a week.  The entire week was filmed by BBC crew members and then made into a one hour episode of The World’s Strictest Parents.

The teenagers’ behavior was appalling, but I couldn’t believe how much the Peck’s accomplished in  just one week.  I watched the entire episode on youtube, and I was sobbing near the end (and I’m a sceptical girl). 

I was so impressed that I ordered Peck’s CD’s.  It may put you off  that she does not have a degree in family therapy, (and the recording is not of the best quality either) but her methods work amazingly. 

Perhaps it’s because her methods are principle based. She talks about forming good character, helping children have a “change of heart,” and writing a family mission statement.  It’s pretty pithy stuff.  While covering these broader areas, she also gives you detailed ways to handle the day to day struggles that we all have with our children. 

She also has a book covering the same material, but that was more difficult for me to get through.  I listened to her CD’s when I ordered them several months ago, but I haven’t been using her skills training lately at all.  It’s amazing how quickly one forgets.  I’m determined to listen to her six CD’s again and then keep her CD’s in my car player so that I get a little bit of her every week.

What parenting books or parenting training has been the most helpful to you?



  1. I found most parenting information misleading…so I spent three and a half years trying to work it out myself. My blog is my way of letting other people know what I found out.
    Perhaps I should be making CDs too!!

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