Healthy High-Protein Snacks

I recently attended a short class given by a friend on healthy eating.  (She looks amazing by the way.)  She said that one of the biggest challenges of healthy eating is eating on the go.  When we are in a hurry, we grab things to eat that are high in calories and low in nutrients.  She offered many different nutritious alternatives that do not require much preparation.  She said that it’s best to find items with high protein and high fiber as these foods leave us less hungry.  I bought pretty much all of her suggestions today.  I thought I’d share them with you. Protein Shake               Calories 150  Fat 3g  Carb 5g  Sugar 1g   Protein 30g   Dietary Fiber 3g

String Cheese                Calories 80  Fat 6g  Carb<1g Sugar 0g  Protein 6g  Dietary Fiber 0g

Red Pepper (1 c.)         Calories 46  Fat og  Carb 9g  Sugar 6g  Protein 1g  Dietary Fiber 3g

Muscle Milk                   Calories 50  Fat 4g  Carb 9g  Sugar 3g  Protein 20g  Dietary Fiber 2g                           

Baked Chips                 Calories 120  Fat 3g  Carb 22g   Sugar 0g  Protein 2g Dietary Fiber 2g

Ededamame                 Calories 158  Fat 6g  Carb 12g   Sugar 2g  Protein 13g Dietary Fiber 4g

Fiber Plus                     Calories 130 Fat 5g   Carb 24g   Sugar 7g  Protein 3g  Dietary Fiber 9g

Trio Natural Bars           Calories 230 Fat 16g Carb 20g Sugar 8g  Protein 6g  Dietary Fiber3g                                                                                               

Ededame are soy beans still in their pods.  You split the pods (like peas) and eat the beans.  They are the appetizer often given at a sushi restaurant.  They are so good I cannot get enough of them.  My friend recommends eating tortilla chips with salsa mixed with cottage cheese (to up the protein).  Be careful with chips as it is easy to go over the serving size.  I picked out the Trio Natural Bars myself (as you can see by the increase calories and fat).  Sorry about the formatting.  WP is not equipped to do this stuff!  I’m hoping that having these foods on hand and having less tempting foods on hand will help me eat better and increase my energy.  I’ll report in a week to tell you how it went!



  1. Sweet, I’m going to try it out, when I get back to the states and can actually find this stuff! I especially want to try muscle milk!

  2. String cheese is just a stick of mozzarella cheese (1 oz.) It gets it’s name “string cheese” because people peel off strips to eat.

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