15 Things My Mother Taught Me

As a tribute to my dear mother, I thought I’d share fifteen wonderful things she has taught me. 

  1. The speed limit is just a suggestion.
  2. You can never make too much food for your guests.
  3. It’s ok to say “damn,” but only if you are really mad.
  4. You only need twenty minutes to run three errands.  (See #1).
  5. Rolls, cookies, and cakes are only worth eating if they are homemade.
  6. You can do three things at once very well.  (At least she can).   
  7. A recipe is not worth making unless you triple it. 
  8. Books are great friends.  Always keep one close to you. 
  9. Make time for everyone that calls you are stops by your door, even if they stop during Sunday dinner.   
  10. Always, always be gracious, even to people that really annoy you. 
  11. Children are jewels.  You can’t have too many of them around you, unless they are loud children.  Then send them downstairs.   
  12. Reach out to people who seem sad.
  13. Smile even when you’re feeling blue. 
  14. You always have enough time to help someone. 
  15. Stay strong and carry on.

What did your mother teach you?



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